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Whether you want to finish high school or pursue an advanced degree, Lowe's education benefits can help you get there.

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Chart your path with options from nonprofit universities and learning providers across the country.
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Take flexible classes designed to help you balance school and work.

Lowe's education benefits

As a part-time or full-time employee at Lowe’s, you are eligible for education benefits after 180 days for Track to the Trades programs, and after 90 days for all other programs!

Access up to $2,500 from Lowe’s each year, in addition to federal grants, to fund your education and move your professional career forward.

No need to pay for school up front. With Guild you get deferred tuition, so you pay at the end of your term.

Work with a coach to choose from hundreds of program options to help you figure out the path back to school.

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Quality education at an affordable cost

From business and management to healthcare and social sciences, Guild offers a wide range of programs offered through accredited learning providers and nonprofit universities. Build onto existing college credits, or explore new options to pursue a new path.

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Lowe's Track to the Trades: Now accepting applications for 2020!

We are thrilled with the number of associates who are taking advantage of their opportunities in the skilled trades. Due to the enthusiastic response to the Track to the Trades program, we are now full for 2019. Congrats to all of the 2019 Track to the Trades associates!

We have rolled out a first-of-its-kind, national skilled trades program that will provide thousands of Lowe's employees the opportunity to launch a career in the trades. We have designed tracks for five key skilled trades: carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and appliance repair.
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Featured universities and learning partners

Guild works directly with top, accredited nonprofit universities and learning providers to offer quality education at an affordable cost.
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Stories from Lowe's students

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“When I am at work or doing anything in life, I always want to learn more. I believe that knowledge is power. I do this so that I can learn new skills and increase my knowledge.”

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“I wanted to be able to take my career as far as I could where I’m at and I felt like a degree in business management would be the way to do that. When they offered the Guild program I thought the management course would be a great first step into that.”

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“I have been telling myself for months that I would start school, but I never did and once this program came around I thought this would be the best time to actually go back.”

Why Further Your Education

Greater earning potential

+ $23.7 K

The average salary increase for someone with a bachelor’s degree.

Increase opportunities


More likely to avoid unemployment.

Maximize your potential


Students say classes help them feel more capable.

Be a role model


If you earn a degree, there’s a good chance your kids will too.

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