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Announcing: new Lowe's education program!

Track to the Trades

Different programs offer different pathways. Here's a basic student journey:
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You will have a personal education coach available via text, phone, or email, to help you find, enroll, and complete the right program

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You will complete your trade pathway program in 6 to 10 months

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The Lowe’s local field service manager will introduce you to local contractors willing to apprentice professionals - ready to pursue jobs in the trades

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Your store leadership and field service manager will provide ongoing mentorship to support your apprenticeship path

Why choose a trades program?

In demand careers

Top 3

sought after workers: electricians, carpenters/joiners, and welders.

Increased job opportunities

3.5 million

open manufacturing jobs over the next decade

Greater earning potential


more is earned by apprentices during their careers versus their peers who do not apprentice.

Find the right trades program for you!

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HVAC Technician

Do you love...

  • Geeking out on science
  • Tinkering
  • Problem solving

HVACR Technician Career

Gain the skills you need to become an HVACR Technician. Designed to help you prepare for the HVAC Certification and provide an EPA Certification preparatory manual with test voucher and exam registration.

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Appliance Repair Technician

Do you love...

  • Problem solving
  • New career opportunities
  • Technology

Appliance Repair Career

This online program will cover how to make both major and minor repairs of small and large electric appliances. You'll cover topics such as electric appliance tools and testers, cooking appliances, electric clothes dryers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners and more. As part of the program, you'll receive a digital multimeter, a Multimeter Operation manual, an AC amp-clamp, and an Amp-Clamp Instruction Manual.

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Do you love...

  • Attention to detail
  • Routines
  • Consulting

Residential Electrician Career

This interactive program consists of ten courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant for performing residential electrical jobs in a variety of settings - including construction or maintenance companies, manufacturing and wholesale suppliers, and government agencies.

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Do you love...

  • Attention to detail
  • Consulting
  • Being creative

Plumbing Career

This online program provides training to help you take the first steps towards a career as a professional plumber, and you'll receive a copy of the National Standard Plumbing Code. You'll learn to assemble, install test and maintain plumbing systems, repair and maintain water heating systems and install and troubleshoot plumbing for household appliances.

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Do you love...

  • Working with a craft
  • Being creative
  • Working from start to finish

Carpentry Career

The curriculum in this online training will give you practical hands-on exercises while you study topics such as blueprint reading and site preparation, building codes and layouts, lumber, building materials, and fasteners, framing for floors, stairs, and exterior and interior walls, and hand and power tools and much more!

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What students in the trades say

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“When you work full-time heading back to school isn’t easy. Guild guided me through the process and helped me access the tuition assistance resources that make college affordable.”

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“I feel that I am accomplishing something better for myself — for my family.”

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“I have been telling myself for months that I would start school, but I never did. Once I found out about this program and the support I could get from Guild and my employer, I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity.”

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